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 fabric folding machines | stansell industries
The Fabric Folding Machine (ST-DFRM) is designed for fabric folding (doubling), lapping, and measuring any type of fabric supplied from plait/loose fabrics, rolls, or batchers with output onto rolls or paper tubes. Automatic alignment of selvedge on doubling triangle from photo-electric guide Reliable measuring from electronic counter meter system

 fabric folding machine - youtube
Woven Sack Fabric Folding M/c. - Roll to Folding

 suntech fabric folding machine
FABRIC FOLDING MACHINE (DOUBLE FOLDED ON PAPER TUBE) ST-DFRM Fabric Folding Machine is for woven, tulle, jacquard... fabrics. This machine can be supplied to operate from plait/loose fabrics to roll, or with various other fabric inlet options.

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 textile fabric folding machine - suntech brand
Published on Feb 20, 2019 Suntech Brand Fabric Folding Machine - Especially applicable for home textiles. Double folded and then winded on paper board or wood board.

 what is clothes folding machine & fabric folding machine ...
This is a textile machinery works as fabric folders used in textile factory or textile mills. This machine is specially designed primarily for the folding of fabric and textile design. Clothes folding machine is mainly used for folding cloth. These clothes folding machines are easy in operation and perform smoothly without noise.

 fabric folding machine - youtube
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 fabric folding machine, textile folding machine | suntech
Suntech—Expert on Fabric Inspection & Make-up Machines,Its scope of products includes: 1. FABRIC MAKE-UP MACHINES: Batcher Winders Fabric Inspection Machines Fabric Rolling Machines Fabric Folding Machines Fabric Cutting Machines Fabric Roll Packing Machines 2. MATERIAL STORAGE & HANDLING EQUIPMENTS: Computerized Beam Storage System Electric & Hydraulic Warp Beam Trolleys Electric ...

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